Iceland Waterfall Elopement | Skogafoss & Reynisfjara

S + E’s Iceland waterfall elopement and Black Sand Beach adventure was everything you could possibly dream of for an elopement in Iceland! S + E are an amazing couple who decided to travel around Iceland in a camper van leading up to their elopement day. They also practice acrobatics and wowed me with some of the stunts they could do! We spent our first evening together catching up and talking about their elopement the following day. The weather forecast was amazing so while we had backup plans, it didn’t seem like we would need them!

Reynisfjara/Black Sand Beach

We ate breakfast and got ready in our rental (highly recommend Hrifunes Nature Park) before heading out to Black Sand Beach for portraits and exploring. Black Sand Beach (Reynisfjara) is such an iconic location in Iceland! I highly recommend visiting this insta-famous beach BUT I do not recommend planning on having your ceremony there. Loads of people visit every day and even when the tide is low and you have access to more of the beach, there are visitors everywhere and basically no privacy. S + E knew this from our briefing together so we were there just for fun! Because when you’re in Iceland, you do all the things.

While on the coast S + E showed off some of their acrobatics and we definitely drew in a crowd! I can’t even imagine trying to do those stunts, let alone on a beach with constantly shifting sand! We also tried to take some photos with the gorgeous sea stacks off the coast but a mist rolled in SO fast and they disappeared pretty quickly. Iceland weather is ever-changing. You just have to wait 20 minutes if you don’t like the current conditions, haha!



We goofed around while we waited for the wave of tourists to clear out and LET. ME. TELL. YOU… it was worth it!

This famous waterfall is one you definitely have to visit if you’re on Iceland’s south coast! There’s a reason everyone flocks to it – the giant waterfall is simply iconic. Now, I do NOT recommend trying to have a ceremony here (I made a Tiktok video about it!) but it’s definitely worth the visit. Along with walking up to the base of the waterfall (or at least as close as you can before getting soaked) there’s the option to climb steps up to the top of the waterfall for a top – down view. We didn’t opt to go up to the top since there were so many tourists that day but it’s a great addition to your Skogafoss adventure!


Exchanging Vows

After leaving Skogafoss we headed to S+E’s ceremony spot. This is one of my favorite spots for delivering the quintessential Iceland vibes without all the crowds! As you can see we nearly had the entire place to ourselves and it was the perfect place for S+E to have a private moment.

After they exchanged vows (woo!) we walked behind the waterfall, took some pictures and hung out just admiring how dang beautiful everything is! We all got a bit wet from the waterfall spray but it’s not an adventure elopement without ending the day with damp clothing, hiking boots lined with mud, and exhausted smiles!

To officially end our day we headed to a nearby pub with fish & chips, in disbelief at how quickly the day went by!

8 Hour Iceland Timeline:

  • 12p – Meet at airbnb and pack car with snacks and drinks. Head to Black Rock Beach.
  • 1-3p – Explore Black Rock Beach and take portraits. Look through binoculars for puffins!
  • 3:30-4:30p – Time at Skogafoss waterfall, taking portraits and admiring the views.
  • 5-7p – Leave for vow ceremony at waterfall, exchange vows, celebrate! Take time to enjoy the views Iceland has to offer before heading off to dinner.
  • 7-8p – Dinner at local pub then go back to Airbnb.

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