St. Pete Beach Elopement | Central Florida Photographer

The gulf coast is perfect for eloping! These pictures were taken in St. Pete Beach, Fl and just look at that sunset.

Once we made it to the beach we climbed up on the jetty (being VERY careful while doing so) and found the perfect spot to view the sunset over the water. We also cracked open some champagne and had a ton of fun playing in the water. Towards the end of our session I broke out the lanterns for some super romantic blue hour/post-sunset photos!



What do you think about a beach elopement? So romantic, right??? If you’re planning a beach celebration contact me for photo coverage + help planning your day!


My name is Jessica and I am the dreamer behind Jessica Lauren Photography! When I’m not behind the camera I love spending time with my dog hiking the beautiful Florida trails, out on my paddle board in our local springs, or getting some quality time with my husband while we explore local events. I have actual cravings for the ocean when it’s been too long since my last beach day. I roller skate – not in-line skate, I mean the old school quad skates! I have a deep love for all things J.R.R. Tolkien and my #1 wish is to travel to New Zealand one day!