Ruby Beach Elopement | Elope in Olympic National Park

Rachael & Matthew’s Ruby Beach elopement was a perfect day on the coast in the peninsula. Not only did they stay at my favorite Olympic National Park lodge, but they kicked back in their Jeep with some Truly’s and brought along their adorable German Shepherd pup!

Getting Ready

R + M got ready together in their room at the Kalaloch Lodge. It was so cute watching them get dressed together and I could feel their excitement! Kalaloch Lodge is one of my favorite places to stay in Olympic National Park. They have a variety of rooms including more traditional hotel style rooms and entire cabins that you can choose from. Not only is Kalaloch Lodge close to Ruby Beach, but you can also walk to the Tree of Life which is nearby!

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Getting to Ruby Beach


Ruby Beach is super close to Kalaloch Lodge (did I mention how much I love Kalaloch??) and is literally a straight shot down the road, less than 10 minutes away. We really wanted an easy elopement day and it doesn’t get any easier than only being 8ish minutes away from getting ready location to your ceremony spot!

R + M rented the cutest white Jeep for their elopement! Since they have a mutual love for Jeep’s we absolutely had to document R + M relaxing in their Jeep and throwing a few Truly’s back before their ceremony. We had quite a few people who were passing by congratulate them!

Gif of couple relaxing in the back of a Jeep


Ceremony at Ruby Beach


Once R + M were ready and had calmed their nerves with some vodka sprtizers we headed down the short trail to the beach. The sun was out and the mist off of the ocean was creating the dreamiest scene! We walked down the beach to the perfect spot for their ceremony where they exchanged vows, took some photos, and enjoyed the sunset.

Ruby beach elopement in olympic national park

a couple kisses at their ruby beach elopement

Once the sun had set and it was just a tad bit too chilly for us on the windy beach, we headed back to Kalaloch Lodge for dinner, drinks, and warming up by the fire in the cabins. R + M’s elopement was truly so beautiful and laid back!

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