Couple stands in front of Lake Quinault in Washington to exchange their vows.

Lake Quinault Lodge Elopement | Washington Photographer

A+C had the cutest Lake Quinault Lodge elopement this past May! Staying at the lodge, their room overlooked the lawn and the beautiful lake surrounded by foothills. Lake Quinault Lodge is located in the heart of Olympic National Forest, on a quiet road surrounded by forests and trails to explore. There’s also a tiny town with its own post office and a trail that leads you to the world’s largest spruce tree! Perfect for a quiet escape.

We started the day with A+C getting ready in their room and writing their vows separately. It was so much fun watching C write his vows because her made everything into a joke or funny moment.

Once they were ready we headed down to the lakeshore to exchange vows. Their vows were full of heartfelt laughter and sweet moments! We also had a canoe we had hoped to take onto the lake but the lodge hadn’t gotten their seasonal permit yet so we just enjoyed sitting in it partially submerged in the water. Sometimes you just have to pivot your plans but A+C didn’t mind one bit and still had a blast!

We celebrated with a cinnamon roll cake (A’s absolute favorite) and you can see them trying to eat it Lady and the Tramp style, haha!

Lake Quinault Lodge is definitely a perfect place for an elopement and I enjoyed being out next to the serene lake while A+C relaxed and enjoyed their wedding day together. We also weren’t too far from Olympic National Park and the seashore which was a huge bonus for exploring the area.

lake quinault lodge venue for elopements

elopement at lake quinault lodge

lake quinault lodge elopement

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