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How To Plan Your Oregon Elopement – Activities & Experiences in Oregon

how to plan your Oregon elopement Oregon Elopement Adventure: Crafting the Perfect Itinerary Welcome, adventurers! Let me share with you how to plan your Oregon elopement. Planning your elopement is an exhilarating journey filled with endless possibilities. Here in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, you’re not just planning a ceremony—you’re curating an experience, weaving together moments that will make your special day an unforgettable adventure. When creating your itinerary you will want to make sure you allow plenty of “buffer” time so you can take into account traveling from location to location and also just in case something runs late. This also helps you to have a much more flexible schedule so you don’t have to run around worrying about how much time you have left. Another helpful thing to keep in mind is when sunset is so that you can plan on getting those epic sunset colors in your photos! Most important – remember that you can do whatever you want. It’s why you’ve chosen to elope after all! There really are endless possibilities when it comes to planning your elopement. This is why it comes in handy to have a photographer who can help guide you in your decisions and so you’re not left wondering if it’s actually feasible to visit Cannon Beach and Natural Bridges all in the same day. Below are some examples of what you could include during your elopement day and I’ve also put an example timeline at the bottom.
  • Bathe in Nature – Picture this: exchanging vows amidst majestic landscapes that seem straight out of a fairytale. Oregon offers an array of natural wonders—pristine forests, dramatic coastlines, and breathtaking mountains. Consider starting your day with an intimate sunrise hike along the coast or a secluded spot overlooking the cascading waterfalls of Silver Falls State Park.
  • Local Flavor and Delights – There is so much good food in Oregon! From Portland’s foodie scene to the fresh seafood on the coast, you can find all kinds of yummy dishes. Oregon is also the perfect place if you want to celebrate at a brewery after hitting the trails or if you want to put together a picnic with local treats.
  • Adventurous Pursuits – So much adventure can be found in Oregon – paddle boarding pristine blue lakes, hiking coastal cliffs, and sunrise hot air balloon rides just to name a few. Plus, not everything requires a strenuous hike – there are plenty of adventurous things you can do without breaking a sweat!
  • Secluded Serenity – If you’re looking for a more chill & cozy vibe then Oregon also has tons of secret hideaways for you. One of my favorites is this coastal house rental. There are also gorgeous forest cabins and amazing campsites to choose from!
Your Oregon elopement itinerary is more than a schedule—it’s a guide so that you can have an amazing day with minimal stress. I plan all of my couple’s timelines with plenty of extra time at each location so we don’t have to rush. I also keep in mind that our schedule may change during your elopement day – I make sure our time is flexible so that if you want to spend more time chasing waterfalls then we can absolutely spend more time doing just that! Here’s an example Oregon elopement timeline so you can see what an all day elopement in Oregon looks like:

10a – Meet at Airbnb for getting ready photos and first look

12-3p – Head to waterfall hike for private vows, first dance in the woods. Take time to explore the trails and enjoy the forest.

4p – Stop at brewery for drinks/time to relax/celebrate

5p – Leave for the coast

6 – 9p – Picnic on the beach, photos of the couple, bonfire, explore tide pools, take star photos after dark

  I hope this helped you learn how to plan your Oregon elopement! I absolutely love helping my couples put together their timelines and seeing it all come together. Couple sprays champagne after saying vows at their Oregon elopement Want to read more about eloping in Oregon? How to Elope in Oregon: A Full Guide Cannon Beach Elopement Waterfall Adventure Session How To Elope in Cannon Beach
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