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So you want to know how to elope in the Redwoods? Throw tradition out the window and opt for a jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring elopement in the mystical Redwoods of Northern California and buckle up because you’re in for an unforgettable ride through nature’s grandest cathedral!

Picture this: towering trees reaching for the sky, dappled sunlight filtering through the canopy, and the scent of earth and pine enveloping you in a hug. Yep, that’s the Redwoods for you – but before you start envisioning yourself exchanging vows amidst the giants, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty details.

how to elope in the redwoods

Where To Elope in the Redwoods

First things first, location, location, location! Part of knowing how to elope in the redwoods is all about where and you’ve got options, my friends. Whether you’re dreaming of a secluded grove or a dramatic overlook, the Redwoods have it all. Some popular spots include the Avenue of the Giants, Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Pro tip: When you hire me I will scout out a location for your ceremony, making sure we choose the perfect spot!


Redwoods Elopement Permit

Now, onto everyone’s favorite topic – permits. Yep, even in the land of giants, you gotta play by the rules. Even though this is the least fun part of knowing how to elope in the redwoods – fear not, obtaining a permit is easier than convincing your grandma that eloping doesn’t mean you’re throwing your life away. Most Redwood parks require a special events permit for weddings and elopements, so be sure to check the specific requirements for your chosen location. Trust me, the paperwork is worth it when you’re surrounded by ancient trees, declaring your love for all the forest critters to hear.

So, how do you snag one of these coveted permits? Well, it’s as simple as filling out a few forms, paying a small fee ($100-$200), and promising not to disturb the delicate balance of nature. More information about permits for the redwoods can be found here.


Best Time of Year To Elope in the Redwoods

Summer – Considered the “high season” for visiting the redwoods, you’ll have sunny weather but also lots of crowds to contend with. If you have to have a summer elopement then I recommend choosing a sunrise start time for your ceremony.

Fall – This is a gorgeous time to visit! The summer crowds have dissipated and the weather is cooler. There’s a higher chance of rain but the huge tree canopy will most likely block out the majority of the rain drops. Fall is perfect for avoiding crowds.

Winter – A super underrated time to visit the redwoods. You’ll most likely have the entire park to yourself as this is when the least amount of people tend to visit.

Spring – Also an amazing time to have your elopement in the redwoods! The summer crowds haven’t started yet and the sun is just starting to peek out again after the winter season.


Redwoods Elopement Timeline Example

Once you’ve got your permit squared away and now that you know how to elope in the redwoods, it’s time to plan the rest of your elopement adventure. Think cozy blankets for snuggling, a flask of whiskey for toasting, and maybe even a wildflower bouquet if you’re feeling fancy. And hey, don’t forget to think of other places you want to visit! You can drive to the coast, visit a brewery, have a picnic… the options are endless!

  • 10a-12p Meet at airbnb for getting ready photos, first look, and details
  • 1-3p Ceremony at Jedediah State Park, explore the trails, celebratory cupcake picnic
  • 4-7p Sunset at the beach, champagne pop, and beach bonfire with pizza

And there you have it, folks – your guide to eloping like a boss in the Redwoods of Northern California. So go ahead, ditch the stress of wedding planning and embrace the wild, untamed beauty of nature. After all, in a forest filled with giants, your love story is sure to stand tall. Cheers to adventure, romance, and living life on your own terms!


Things To Keep In Mind For Your Redwoods Elopement

  • The redwoods are remote which means you most likely can’t just zip into a Target or even a gas station if you need something.
  • Make sure to fill up on gas on your way out to the redwoods, we don’t want to chance running out!
  • Cell phone coverage is limited so be sure to download any maps you’ll need ahead of time.
  • Stock up the car with extra water and snacks just in case.
  • Some of the roads are dirt so if you’re nervous about getting stuck then this might be the opportunity to rent a fun Jeep!
  • Always bring your rain gear – weather is unpredictable and you can get a small rain shower at any time. Clear umbrellas are super cute in photos!


bride and groom walking in redwood forest

how to elope in the redwoods

how to elope in the redwoods


Redwoods Elopement Packages Include:

unlimited planning assistance

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