7 Places to Elope in Mount Rainer National Park

If you’re dreaming of a wedding surrounded by the majestic beauty of Mount Rainier National Park, you’re in for a treat. From alpine meadows to hidden lakes, here are the top seven spots that promise not just a picturesque wedding but a canvas for stunning photos. Plus, stick around for the lowdown on snagging that all-important ceremony permit – your golden ticket to saying “I do” in these incredible locations.

  1. Paradise: Let’s kick things off at Paradise, aptly named for its heavenly beauty. With sweeping mountain views, wildflower meadows, and the iconic Jackson Visitor Center, Paradise is… well, paradise! To secure your spot, don’t forget to obtain a Special Use Permit. Pro tip: Early morning or late afternoon ceremonies here offer dreamy lighting for your photos and fewer crowds.
  2. Tipsoo Lake: For a serene lakeside celebration with the mountain as your backdrop, Tipsoo Lake is the go-to spot. Whether you choose to exchange vows on the shore or the nearby hills, this location promises a tranquil and visually striking setting. Apply for your ceremony permit well in advance to secure your date.
  3. Nisqually Vista: Looking for a spot with sweeping panoramic views? Nisqually Vista is your answer. Perched high above, you’ll have the mountain, forests, and valleys at your disposal for breathtaking photos.
  4. Reflection Lakes: This spot is perfect for an intimate ceremony surrounded by gorgeous alpine lakes. Don’t forget to check the permit guidelines for ceremonies by the lakeside and secure your date for a picture-perfect celebration.
  5. Grove of the Patriarchs: Did you know that there are redwood trees near Mt. Rainier?? This gorgeous forest is accessed by a suspension bridge that leads you into a magical grove. **This location is not currently available but will hopefully be open in 2025!**
  6. Sunrise: True to its name, Sunrise is the perfect sunrise ceremony spot. With vast meadows and a panorama of the mountains, this location promises a sunrise ceremony that’s visually stunning. Best for weekday ceremonies so you don’t get too many bystanders.
  7. Fremont Lookout: Perfect for couples wanting to hike, the lookout offers panoramic perfection for your wedding day. Perched atop a ridge, this spot provides breathtaking views of Mount Rainier and the surrounding landscape.

How to Get a Ceremony Permit:

Now, let’s talk logistics. To snag your ceremony permit, head over to the official Mount Rainier National Park website. Check out the Special Use Permits section, and you’ll find the necessary information to apply for your dream wedding spot. Here’s a summary of what you’ll need to do:

1. Fill out an application and email it to mora_special_use@nps.gov. Applications must be submitted at least 4 weeks before your desired date. If you need to expedite your permit you can email the permit coordinator to request your permit be expedited.

2. Once your application is received you will be sent instructions on paying the $250 application fee. The fee must be paid for the permit to be approved.

Mount Rainier National Park isn’t just a wedding destination; it’s an adventurer’s playground, offering diverse landscapes that cater to every couple’s vision. With a ceremony permit in hand, you’re not just exchanging vows; you’re creating a visual masterpiece against the stunning backdrop of the Pacific Northwest. So, gear up, apply for that permit, and get ready to capture love in one of the most breathtaking settings nature has to offer. If you need help with planning and want more information on elopement packages, click here!

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