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Orlando Elopement Timeline Example


Below is an example of what a 6 hour Orlando elopement timeline can look like.


What is an elopement? 


According to Google it means to “run away secretly in order to get married, especially without parental consent.” Even though this is still the official definition of an elopement I think the modern day meaning of the word is a little different. In the past two years (*cough* covid *cough*) more couples have been looking to elope instead of doing the more traditional ballroom wedding that our parents had. This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with running away or being secretive, but a desire to be intentional in how you want to celebrate your wedding day.

 According to Instagram if you elope then that must mean you want to hike for hours to get to a pretty spot for your vows, right? Yes and no. If hiking is your thing then by all means plan that epic hiking adventure! But if you would rather not spend your special day doing a workout then there are SO MANY other things you could do. 

The options are only limited to your imagination! Below I have an example timeline of an elopement based around a low-key couple that just wants to enjoy a relaxing day together and also include family. This timeline can be used in many different ways, expanded upon or shortened to suit your needs. I actually love planning and I always joke that if I ever quit photography then I would make a great travel agent!


“Olivia and Jasper” Orlando 6 Hour Elopement Timeline


8a – Meet at Alfond Inn for getting ready photos. First look + quiet moment together. Light breakfast and portraits in hotel lobby.

9:30a – Take limo to Leu Gardens for vows and private first dance. Champagne pop and portraits in the gardens.

11:30a – Meet with family for lunch “reception” and wine tasting at Quantam Leap Winery.

12:30p – Family photos, dancing.

2:00p – Bubble send off in front of Quantam Leap.

2:15p – Couple heads back to Alfond Inn for honeymoon.


Learn what you need to elope in Florida in this blog post!

orlando elopement timeline example

orlando elopement timeline example



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