Elopement in Chattanooga | Edward’s Point Ceremony

This past weekend I went on a roadtrip to Tennessee to capture Rosmarie and Josh’s elopement in Chattanooga at Edward’s Point. They first met in ‘Nooga while they were in school and Josh asked Rosmarie to be his girlfriend there as well. The city holds a ton of special meaning to them so it made sense that they would want to get married there!

After getting ready with her girls, Rosmarie and the girls started down the trailhead wedding dress and supplies in tow. Once we made it out to the overlook her mom, sister, and soon to be sister-in-law helped her to get dressed and touched up her makeup. We spent some time photographing details and Rosmarie alone in her beautiful wedding dress. Also, did I mention her boots?? BRB while I go grab myself a pair!

The First Look

Josh and the rest of their family arrived about half an hour later. Josh’s mom pinned his boutonniere and then his future brother-in-law blindfolded him for the first look. Following their first look it was Josh and Rosmarie’s wish to exchange private vows so we all waited back on the trail so they could have a few moments alone together. When bringing family + friends along on your elopement I think it is a great idea to take some time together alone. Just a few minutes to refocus the intentions of the day and take a breath together can really help set the tone.

The overlook was fairly quiet and secluded for a Sunday afternoon which made for a perfect spot to hold the vow exchange. Both Rosmarie and Josh knew that they wanted to exchange private vows away from everyone else before including family for their public vow exchange. Yet another way to make your elopement all about the two of you even if you decide to include family!

The Ceremony

The couple’s dad’s surprised everyone by standing up to officiate the wedding, each sharing beautiful words of wisdom for their children. As Rosmarie and Josh kissed, some family members celebrated by throwing rose petals which made for a really epic shot. Then the whole family passed around Martinelli’s, said “cheers!”, and spend some time just being together.

Once family decided to head back up the trail the three of us stayed for bride and groom photos at the overlook. I just can’t get over how epic the views of the Tennessee river are paired with the amazing fall foliage!

The Photos


Chattanooga hiking elopement

Getting ready elopement photos in Chattanooga

Private vow exchange during elopement in Chattanooga

wedding ceremony overlooking Tennessee river gorge

bride and groom photos Chattanooga elopement

Edward's point Chattanooga elopement

elopement in chattanooga

This elopement in Chattanooga turned out exactly how the couple dreamed and I am so happy that I got to be there! Dreaming of your own elopement? Contact me here!

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