4 Ways To Elope With Family

Quality time with your other half is the best kind of day you can think of, so what better way to tie the knot than to elope just the two of you? BUT you are also close with your family and don’t want to completely keep them out of the loop. I get it. The struggle is real. Here are a few ideas on how to elope with your family!

  1. Choose a spot that is accessible for everyone. There are tons of gorgeous locations that are mere steps away from where you park your car – no need for a 5 mile hike to get to a beautiful backdrop for your vow exchange or Insta worthy view. With a little research it isn’t too hard to find all kinds of locations that every physical ability can get to. Need some help or aren’t familiar with the area? Your elopement photographer should be able to help guide you with finding locations that are easily accessed.
  2. 50/50 – Dreaming of an adventure elopement but your family wants to tag along? Split up your day into two parts! Plan a sunrise vow exchange just the two of you at the epic spot of your dreams, then later that evening have a celebration with all your family! This way you get the best of both worlds.
  3. Make it a weekend – This is an extended option of #2. Instead of doing it all in one day, split it up into two. Take an entire day to yourselves to have the elopement you’ve always wanted and include any activities that you want to spend together just the two of you. Then the next day can be spent doing a special ceremony and celebration with family. 
  4. Marry now, party later – This doesn’t really involve eloping with family in the true meaning BUT it does get you a complete elopement experience while also letting family feel involved knowing that a celebration will come at a later date. Go have your dream elopement, do all of the adventurous things and plan a reception for after you return back home!

Sometimes you just know that it wouldn’t be your special day if anyone else came along. If you’re sure you do not want anyone else on your adventure, read this article:

“How To Include Family in Your Elopement (Without Having Them There)”  

Need help navigating your elopement? Contact me and let’s talk about your dream day!

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