3 Tips For a Better Photoshoot | Orlando Couples Photographer

I get it, being in front of the camera is extremely unnatural. Coupled with pressures to look Instagram perfect it can make the whole experience less than ideal. Here are a few things that I tell my clients to help them feel more comfortable during their next photo session!

  1. Keep moving! Sometimes the awkwardness comes from standing still and then being just too aware of your body… “What do I do with my hands??” Is a question I get a lot! Guess what? What you already do with your hands in everyday life is usually more than good enough. Sometimes, you just gotta move! Let’s walk, run, spin around or any other movement you feel comfortable doing. Movement honestly looks the most natural and makes for some of my favorite photos!
  2. Focus on each other: Sometimes I need to remind my couples that they already know how to be in love, so just focus on the relationship you already have! It’s totally fine to be goofy, sappy, cuddly or however else you already are naturally. I want to capture the real you, I’m not trying to make you into something you’re not. We can even incorporate favorite hobbies/activities into your session if you want!
  3. Remember that this is supposed to be FUN! There is absolutely no pressure to do anything you don’t want to. If you’re not having fun then communicating with me (or any photographer) will be key. A professional photographer will not be offended and only wants you to have the best experience possible! So if we need to switch things up, we totally can.

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Wedding Photographer, Jessica Lauren, holds her camera as she sits in a brewery holding a drink


My name is Jessica and I am the dreamer behind Jessica Lauren Photography! When I’m not behind the camera I love spending time with my dog hiking, out on my paddle board, or getting some quality time with my husband while we explore local events. I love spending time on the coast no matter which side of the U.S. I’m on and I’m always chasing that perfect sunset.