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As a wedding photographer I love scouting out new venues that I have not had the pleasure to photograph at yet. This past year I heard the name “The Glass Factory” pop up and was immediately intrigued. It sounded like some kind of industrial, windowed beauty and I was NOT disappointed.

While I am currently located in Orlando I still travel back to my hometown of Jacksonville often for clients and family. This most recent trip I was in town for a styled wedding shoot at the Cottonwood Ranch (more on that later) so I took advantage of my time and scheduled a tour of the Glass Factory with the manager, Haley. Driving into downtown Jacksonville I soon started noticing that I was in a very industrial area – not where I typically find my wedding venues! I passed warehouses and semi-trucks making deliveries when I finally found a particularly well kept warehouse with the Glass Factory logo on the building. 

I met up with Haley and she unlocked the front doors which faces their private parking lot. Upon entering I was immediately struck with the cavernous space that is the Glass Factory. As I had hoped there were windows almost from floor to ceiling – a photographer’s dream! I also noticed string lights draped from the tall ceilings (I personally LOVE some good string lights) and the large center walkway that leads to the most popular area of the warehouse to hold ceremonies.

Glass Factory wedding venue inside view

The Glass Factory is quite literally a blank space for brides to mold into their own unique wedding day dream. The venue does have some furniture that can be used however, like the cute red couch in the image above.

Of course I also toured the bridal suite to see where brides would be getting ready and hanging out with their bridesmaids before their walk down the aisle. The bridal suite was fairly large, offering plenty of seating, mirrors, and even a pool table. Within the bridal suite was a smaller room just for the bride that practically glowed thanks to the diffused light coming from the curtains. There was also a HUGE body length mirror that I can see being used for beautiful getting ready photos!

We can’t forget our grooms! They are a part of this whole thing too, right?? Well the Glass Factory has something very special for the groom and his groomsmen while they are waiting. The getting ready room is spacious which is a big deal because I have literally seen grooms get ready in the space the size of a large closet. There are a couple of couches and a table with chairs that the guys can sit back and relax on too.


Just outside the backdoor of the groom’s room is an entire BREWERY. Complete with a biergarten that the men can go hang out in while they kick back with a cold one. The Engine 15 Brewing Co. has been open in the downtown location since 2014 and is a complete working brewhouse. Even better is that sometimes they have food trucks parked outside which is always a plus to me! 

Engine 15 Brewery behind the Glass Factory, Jacksonville, Florida

Overall, I think the Glass Factory is an AMAZING space and holds tons of possibilities! If you are the kind of bride that wants complete control over how your wedding looks with a unique industrial spin, then this is the venue for you! I was also told that the venue will soon have a full kitchen – which is great for caterers that need to prepare on site and need their own space. 

Contact Haley to schedule your tour at haley@engine15.com


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