Michael’s Store Challenge | Ugly Location Photoshoot | Jessica Lauren Photography

Something fun for the blog today!

Recently a couple of friends met up with me to participate in the Michael’s Store Challenge (AKA ugly location challenge) to see how we could make a less than ideal location into a photo shoot worthy spot. While most people see fluorescent lighting and ugly metal shelves we somehow made a box store into a beautiful location for portraits! It was tons of fun and I think you will find the before and afters hilarious! This challenge really shows how it is all about the angles when it comes to getting “the shot”.

After getting our caffeine on at Vespr Coffeebar (super yummy coffee and unique offerings) we headed over to Michaels to begin the challenge! Walking into the store no one seemed to pay any mind to our camera bags or the fact that we were all made up in pretty dresses and make up. We quickly found the floral area and started our shoot there. I loved the faux ivy hanging on the shelves and quickly found lots of other colorful fauna to use. We sat in weird positions and held random objects up in front of our cameras but the end result was worth it!


Would you do the Michael’s Store Challenge? Even if you just have one of the fancier iPhones with “Portrait Mode” I think that it would be worth a shot! Take a couple of friends, and let me know how it went! Don’t worry, Michaels Stores said it was okay to take pictures inside of the store. As always though, be sure to remain respectful and clean up and messes you make!


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