St. Baldrick’s Event | Kissimmee, Florida | Jessica Lauren Photography

This past month has been a BUSY one. I haven’t had the time to blog anything I have worked on recently so now it is time for catch up!

The first event I photographed that I want to talk about is the St. Baldrick’s fundraiser for children’s cancer research that I had the joy of documenting. Participants pay a donation and then have their heads shaved by local hair dressers to show solidarity with those fighting cancer and to bring awareness to the foundation. You can learn more about what St. Baldrick’s does here.

While waiting for the event to begin I spotted a young girl with long pink hair checking in to St. Baldrick’s. She immediately intrigued me – why would someone so young choose to shave their head? I approached her for a “before” portrait and asked her what had motivated her to participate. She replied with a short “I am doing this for family and friends”. I also noticed that some of those friends, along with her boyfriend, were there to show support. They were so encouraging throughout the entire process that it almost moved me to tears. Below are the before, during and after images that I captured of the pink-haired-girl’s journey – she is just as lovely with a shaved head as she is with a head full of hair but it is her inner beauty that shines through that really matters.




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