Good Dough Review | My Little Brother Isn’t So Little Anymore | Jessica Lauren Photography | Orlando, Florida

This past weekend one of my “little” brothers (he’s 6ft tall) turned 23! I can’t believe he is approaching his mid 20s!

I drove up to Jacksonville for the weekend to spend time with him and his girlfriend, Cathy, and to eat doughnuts because that is his favorite (who doesn’t love a good doughnut). Saturday morning my mother and I drove to the San Marco area of Jacksonville on a quest to find Good Dough, a doughnut shop that seemed to be taking over my Instagram feed. From the pictures on social media, Good Dough was full of unexpected flavors in appetizing colors and Instagram worthiness. 

The shop itself is tucked away on Hendricks Avenue and provides parking in the back of the building. I thought I had gotten there early, it being only 9:15 in the morning, but the parking lot was already almost full and I had to parallel park my mom’s huge Honda Odyssey. Conveniently, there is a back door that customers can use to get inside instead of walking around the entire strip of shops to get to the front entrance.

The inside of Good Dough is a Joanna Gaines/Hipster’s dream. Clean white washed walls, exposed wooden beams, beautiful wooden counter tops and hexagon tiled backsplash with their logo. On top of the long wooden counter is a large glass case housing their doughnuts that are ready to be eaten. Since we were getting doughnuts for my brother’s birthday and he wasn’t having a cake, we had made an advanced order of 30 DOUGHNUTS.

So. Many. Doughnuts.

The shop had asked for a pick up time (we chose 9:15)  and our doughnuts were packed and waiting on the counter before we got there so it was a simple case of paying and hauling out the treasure trove of carbs and sugar. I also grabbed a lavender latte and it did not disappoint!

Some of my favorite flavors were the Rose Rosé, Butterscotch Bacon and Vanilla Bean with Brownie. You can see the current flavors here.

I love floral flavors hence the Rose Rosé, it was light and perfect with little flower petals decorating the top. Butterscotch Bacon is the perfect mix of sweet and salty, like popcorn and Junior Mints (am I the only one who likes that combo?). Vanilla Bean with Brownie wins because it is topped with the most delicious, fudge-y brownie bits ever put on the top of a doughnut. Sometimes you just can’t argue with good old vanilla and chocolate combos.



I also got to sneak in some time to take pictures of Justin and Cathy, aren’t they the cutest?



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