Nicole’s Beach Family Session | Port St. Joe, FL |Beach Portrait Session

This summer I drove out to Port St. Joe to meet up with Nicole and her family for a beach session. I had never been to that part of Florida before so I was super excited when Nicole first messaged me! Despite stormy weather surrounding the area we were blessed with a beautiful sunset and fluffy white clouds. You never can tell in the summer with Florida how the weather will choose to behave but we got lucky!

PRO TIP – If you have Sprint then your phone may not recognize what time zone you are in as Port St. Joe is on the edge of EST and CST. I went from panic to a huge sigh of relief thinking I had miscalculated my arrival time, haha!




Beach sessions never get old for me – they are super relaxed and the ocean air always feels so amazing! Are you visiting Florida or even a long time Florida resident? Let’s chat about a beach session!


My name is Jessica and I am the dreamer behind Jessica Lauren Photography! When I’m not behind the camera I love spending time with my dog hiking the beautiful Florida trails, out on my paddle board in our local springs, or getting some quality time with my husband while we explore local events. I have actual cravings for the ocean when it’s been too long since my last beach day. I roller skate – not in-line skate, I mean the old school quad skates! I have a deep love for all things J.R.R. Tolkien and my #1 wish is to travel to New Zealand one day!