Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Duo58 | Venue and Catering in Orlando, FL | Jessica Lauren Photography

This week I got to hang out with the catering and events coordinator of Duo58 and talk about their origins, how they give back to those in need and what you can expect from having Duo58 as your wedding venue or catering service!

My first impressions of this venue made me feel all the good hipster vibes you could want from a cozy place like Duo58. Everything from the vintage inspired lightbulbs, string lights (my fave!), a corner featuring local artist’s work, and the big red coffee machine put me in the mood to put on some folk music and sip a big cup of (artisan) Joe.


Kayla and I sat down on some of the way too comfortable armchairs and began talking about the origins and mission of Duo58.

Founded by Nathan Seta in his college dorm room as a catering company, Duo58 eventually became the coffee hangout spot that it is today. Not only can the space be used for events but the coffee company still caters and donates proceeds to Mission of Hope – an organization that strives to improve the lives of those living in Haiti. Duo58 also helps locals who have trouble finding jobs by providing them a temporary place to work and learn valuable skills.

Not only is Duo58 a great choice for those with helping out others in mind, they have the cutest venue and offer a great selection of food (think taco bars and Italian themed spreads). I also have a special offer for anyone who books a wedding with me and is interested in having Duo58 cater – $200 off of sides for your event!


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