What to Know About Booking Your Disney Vacation Session

As a photographer in central Florida one of the more popular requests is for booking sessions in the Disney parks. Disney sessions are absolutely worth the time and while Disney does make for an amazing backdrop to your photos, there are a few things you should know before booking a session in Disney.

The crowds are crazy all year long. While photos on Pinterest may lead you to believe that you will somehow be alone in the parks without any photo-bombers, this can not be further from the truth. It takes a lot of patience and perfect timing to get those shots without any distractions in the background and sometimes it is unavoidable. Be patient with your photographer! It may seem like they are taking forever but they are just waiting for the perfect moment.

Summer time is HOT. Drink lots of water! In the parks you can get free cups of ice water from any of the food vendors but if you can’t stand the Florida heat and still want Disney photos then maybe consider taking your session indoors. Disney resorts are GORGEOUS and make for an excellent setting. Another option is to wait until spring or fall to have your portraits taken when the weather is much milder!

The Boardwalk Resort makes for beautiful portraits!

You will have beautiful photographic art pieces to last you a lifetime. For many people a trip to Disney is a once in a lifetime vacation so why not have amazing photos to remember your time at the Happiest Place On Earth and be able to look back on them for years and years to come? Photographs not only preserve our memories but are valuable keepsakes that can be shared and passed down the generations.

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